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Temple Beth Sholom Schools
Martin and Mildred Paver Religous School

"Our Religious School Advisory Board was looking for an outside person who understood the organizational structure of a synagogue and who was experienced in working with both lay and professional staff. Our group consisted of many new volunteers as well as a new professional director. We wanted to provide a workshop that would give the group an understanding of how to work successfully together within this framework. Norman Olshansky was the perfect person to accomplish this task. He started ahead of time by working individually with the group leaders to find out their needs and goals. He conducted the workshop professionally by clearly presenting information and efficiently moderating the discussion. He clearly understands all of the nuances involved in relationships between professionals and lay leaders within the greater synagogue structure. He assisted the board by giving constructive suggestions on how to run effective meetings, how to set goals for our school, and how to plan for the future. Everyone involved felt that it was an extremely worthwhile workshop and we would like to use Norman Olshansky's services in the future."

Lisa Silva, Paver Religious School Chair

Barbara Levison, Paver Religious School Vice-Chair


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